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UX Research
UX | UI Design

My Team

Hanbyul Kang
Anna Ernesto
Mariko Dreifuss
Marisa Sorto
Ninoska Lugo Aquino


Jan - May 2022 (4 Months)


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Fooducate is an app that encourages healthy eating habits through insightful nutrition information. Our app provides users with an ever-growing, adaptable and inclusive database to best fit users' nutritional needs and preferences. Given that everyone has different areas of focus when it comes to nutrition, our app has features from curated meal planners to access to certified nutritionists, all designed to enhance and facilitate the nutritional experience of the different users on our app.

The Problem

Fad dieting, ingredients you can’t pronounce and overpriced organic products are all factors that have contributed to the difficulty in the access of healthy lifestyles in the lives of many Americans. With little to no food education at the hands of the public, finding specific nutritional information in tune to specific needs is very difficult.

The Solution

For young American, family oriented people, Fooducate is the app that encourages healthy eating habits. Since its database is growing everyday thanks to its users, it is one of the most adaptable and inclusive nutrition apps on the market. This adaptability helps families make healthier choices, all on one app.


Americans prefer healthy options
when shopping


Americans are using mobile apps to cross check nutrition information


New Year's Resolution is to
exercise more and eat healthier

Empathy Interviews

We interviewed a wide range of people. College students in dorms, health-conscious moms, to exercise enthusiasts.

  • Many people have used nutrition apps, but lack of resources and bad experiences led users to go back to nutrition information and google searches.
  • People were seeking personalized nutrition coaches to gain knowledge about nutrition intake, enjoy meals without guilt, and achieve their goals.
  • People were more interested in health due to their family members.
affinity mapping from empathy interviewMiro Board Link
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It would make people feel great knowing their family is eating healthy. But we are too busy to stay on top of things within the budget.
Despite the diverse food options available to everyone, most apps cater to non-ethnic palates.
People get bursts of motivation to improve their health but quickly lose the drive and excitement to do so.






Beginner Supermom
Gym Bro
Organized Planner
Calorie Counter
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Low Fidelity User Testing

Information hierarchy in pages, filters, and how we categorize the information had to be reorganized. Users needed clarification with languages, some task flows required to be more straightforward, and they got bored with the onboarding process. Users wanted more detailed and customized information in food and recipe to cater to their unique needs.

App Map

fooducate app navigation map

An app that encourages healthy eating habits with an evergrowing database, becoming the most adaptable and inclusive nutrition app to help families make healthy choices.

Multi-User account, and Personalized Filters

Education for the whole family!
Several users can operate through one account with different profiles based on the specific profile’s dietary needs.

Multi-cultural Food Finder

Through the Food Finder Database, users have access to a wide selection diverse of food options along with recipes from cultures all over the world.


Certified nutritionists can help you find useful nutritional information and are available for 1:1 consultation.


Daily nutritional quizzes, to-do lists, and group fitness challenges! Compete with your friends to earn badges, and share the fun!

Design System


The art direction for this redesign was focused on creating a UI that was more friendly and appealing to the eye. This direction uses elements to better relate it to the core mission of the app redesign- to be more than just a conventional nutrition app. The app was also designed to suit its users' many different needs and create an air of inclusivity and motivation for each person who uses it.


Capriola and DM Sans are circular ended sans serif creating a friendly mood without losing readability.

Primary Color

Secondary Color


Fun and friendly cards that are categorized for different purposes. - articles, recipes, user posts, etc...


Next Step

We redesigned the app to be more visually appealing and friendly. Our new features made the app experience more inclusive to meet our users' nutritional diet goals and preferences with diverse lifestyles and backgrounds.

I want to expand the project's accessibility and content. Adding customizable settings to update the accessibility will be helpful for moms and older users. Also, using useful technologies like AI and algorithms to organize, suggest and create meal plans, recipe suggestions, and mix-match of the menu will enhance user experience making users to comeback to the app.