Gray On

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UX|UI Designer
Art Direction
Brand Design
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Case Study


Jan - May 2023 (4 Months)


Adobe CC
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Creative Conscience 2023,
Advertising Shortlisted


When human life expectancy gets longer, we want it also to be happier. If we extend life expectancy without caring about the quality of life, what’s the point of living longer? Senior citizens are slowly losing the color of their lives. After retirement, people feel worthless and purposeless. Gray On from AARP is an integrated campaign to help active seniors find purpose after retirement. We welcome them to Gray On with us to pass on their knowledge, find their passion, and redefine their world.

The Problem

Senior Depression has risen to 15% of the senior population, starting right after retirement. After retirement, senior citizens feel worthless and purposeless, making it hard for them to adjust to a new lifestyle. The depressed feelings will slowly eat them up and leave them hopeless.

The Solution

For vibrant, open-minded seniors, the Gray On campaign will guide you to find purpose after retirement. To connect the seniors with the younger generation to learn from each other, pass on the knowledge, find a passion, and redefine their world and Gray On.


of the senior population has
symptoms of Depression


of Retirees expect to work for pay
after retirement


of Retirees are considering
to return to work

American Association of Retired Persons or AARP is a non profit organization in the United states focusing on issues affecting those over the age of fifty. AARP was formed in 1958 by Ethel Percy Andrus, and Leonard Davis as an influential lobbying group in the United States that sells paid memberships, and markets insurances, and other services to its members.

Key Insight

No one has been old before; therefore, no one knows exactly how they are supposed to feel at this age. What is our purpose after retirement? What do we do next?

To seniors, AARP guides seniors to find purpose and improves lives after retirement because they are a nonprofit organization working to improve the quality of lives of Americans over 50.

We will actively recruit to connect the younger generations to our vibrant seniors through shared interests and passions.

Senior citizens and younger generations will come together through an app to join events and internship opportunities.

Graying | Mixer event

Sneak peek of Gray On experience from a pop-up event that will take place at local senior centers, and elder care facilities.


When we think of health, we think of our body and physical health. Mental health is equally important to physical health and can impact our bodies. With the stigma around mental health, it is even more challenging to tell and educate older generations about mental health. What's the point of living longer when you are not happy?

With the Gray On campaign, we aim to find purpose after retirement and to age happily. We welcome them to Gray On with us to pass on their knowledge, find their passion, and redefine their world.